Lime and Flint Tradesmen

The Lime & Flint Team

"A True Artisan"

Mathew Steptoe

Born and raised in the Cotswolds Mat served under his father as an apprentice plasterer of the old school mentally, if it wasn’t done right it was done again regardless of the time. He didn’t get away with anythibng. Over the years Mat developed many more skills including brick and stone work, slate roofing and carpentry by working alongside the other ‘old boy master craftsmen’. He is also very skilled in dry stone walling. Mat has worked for the National Trust on conservation projects and with 27 years in the building trade his knowledge of restoration is extensive. A speciality of Mat’s is turning a standard fire place into a stunning master piece. You will see some examples on this website that show off his creative eye and his meticulous attention to detail. Mat is gifted in turning something seemingly impossible into a reality, if there is a way he’ll find it!

"A lime fanatic"

Dan Holmes-Short

Having served an apprenticeship for the previous four years Dan’s passion for wanting to work with lime was born in 2005 when along with Mat he spent two inspiring days observing some of England’s finest and most respected craftsmen at work, including Jeff Orton and Bill Sargeant at an event being held by the Society for the protection of ancient buildings (SPAB). Since then he has honed his craft as a plasterer in restoration and renovation and has built up tradtional skills and knowledge over a broad spectrum of trades. Restoring and renovating properties using traditional and natural materials is Dan’s passion. Repairing and re-pointing stone walls with hot mixed lime motar is another job that Dan relishes. He is equally at home working in churches and has been involved in restoration projects involving plaster and stone work. Dan gained flint laying knowledge whilst working with master flint layer Peter Trent on various projects around Norfolk.


Peter Trent

Peter began his career as a builder after moving to Norfolk in the 1980s, he soon realised that working on square brick houses and extensions was not for him so began specialising in restoration and flint work. He loves working with lime mortar and in recent years made the switch to using hot mixed mortars exclusively.

Examples of Peters fine flint and brick work can be seen throughout the local area on cottages, churches and various Norfolk walls. He is also very skilled at internal renovation works. Peter joins the team to help out with various projects when he can be talked down from the local church towers where he pursues his passion for bells and bell tower maintenance.  

Lime and Flint renovation work example 16
"Our man on the mix"

Gaetan 'Gats' Vawser

Gat is our head labourer and general very handy person to have around. He has general building skills and can drive just about any machine invented! He keeps us supplied with mortar, helps with renovation tasks and has a passion for keeping our sites ship-shape.

Lime and Flint renovation work example 12