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Traditional Lime Plasterers & Building Restoration

Lime & flint are a versatile team of skilled craftsmen with a passion for restoration & renovation specialising in lime work and ecological products working throughout Norfolk.

Our Service

We provide a comprehensive restoration service in Norfolk using lime and other sustainable products. These products create a fresh, comfortable and breathable living environment as well as having a positive impact on the natural environment.

We have a very keen eye for detail and every aspect of our work is completed in the most sympathetic manner appropriate to the buildings we deal with.

We use traditional materials and techniques and work in Churches, Grade I, Grade II and Grade III Listed buildings, Victorian Town Houses and Quaint Cottages.

Much of the work we do is remedial work correcting problems caused by modern materials used in old buildings.

Lime Plastering and Flint Work Renovation Specialists Norfolk UK - brick wall example

Traditional Lime work specialists in:

We work with a sympathetic approach to restore or renovate traditional Norfolk buildings using ecological and sustainable products.  

Using mainly lime, but also clay and hemp in some instances, to manage damp issues and create a soft natural and breathable interior. We can provide traditional lime putty exterior renders or use sustainable insulated finishes to gain extra thermal value to buildings. We also repair or reinstate lath and plaster ceilings and walls

Repair work using hot lime mortars. Replacing damaged flint and bricks and re pointing to restore and maintain walls.

Limecrete or hemp to create insulated breathable floors, using pamments, brick or other natural stone to finish. 

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Lime and Flint renovation work example 3
lime and flint plaster renovation
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Lime and Flint Restoration
East Rudham Church Wall Repair
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Lime and Flint Tradesmen
lime and flint renovation and restoration
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Our Green Credentials

We are conscious that as a company trading today we should be making every effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible. It just so happens that compared to cement, lime requires much less energy to produce and absorbs co2 during its curing stage.

We can mix in batches and store unused lime until we need it so there is never any waste.

We try and source materials as locally to Norfolk as possible.

We use natural and recycled boards, insulations and other materials.

Lime keeps all buildings dry therefore warmer, meaning much less energy is needed to heat them. In a period property with thick walls this is particularly good news.

Because lime manages moisture levels very effectively it is also highly compatible with ecological building products and structures like straw bales, timber frames and clay lump and cork.

Lime and Flint Tradesmen

Meet the Lime & Flint Team

Having served an apprenticeship for the previous four years Dan’s passion for wanting to work with lime was born in 2005 when along with Mat he spent two inspiring days observing some of England’s finest and most respected craftsmen at work, including Jeff Orton and Bill Sargeant at an event being held by the Society for the protection of ancient buildings (SPAB).

Since then he has honed his craft as a plasterer in restoration and renovation and has built up tradtional skills and knowledge over a broad spectrum of trades. Restoring and renovating properties using traditional and natural materials is Dan’s passion. Repairing and re-pointing stone walls with hot mixed lime motar is another job that Dan relishes. He is equally at home working in churches and has been involved in restoration projects involving plaster and stone work.

Dan gained flint laying knowledge whilst working with master flint layer Peter Trent on various projects around Norfolk.

Born and raised in the Cotswolds Matt served under his father as an apprentice plasterer of the old school mentality, if it wasn’t done right it was done again regardless of the time. He didn’t get away with anything.

Over the years Matt developed many more skills including brick and stone work, slate roofing and carpentry by working alongside the other ‘old boy master craftsmen’. He is also very skilled in dry stone walling.

Matt has worked for the National Trust on conservation projects and with 27 years in the building trade his knowledge of restoration is extensive. A speciality of Matt’s is turning a standard fire place into a stunning master piece.

You will see some examples on this website that show off his creative eye and his meticulous attention to detail. Matt is gifted in turning something seemingly impossible into a reality, if there is a way he’ll find it!

Gat(s) is our head labourer and general very handy person to have around. He has general building skills and can drive just about any machine invented! He keeps us supplied with mortar, helps with renovation tasks and has a passion for keeping our sites ship-shape.

Thornham Church Lime work Restoration
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lime and flint plaster renovation
Lime and Flint renovation work example 1
Rudham Church Wall Repair
The Chapel Thornham
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Contact Lime & Flint

Please get in touch with your enquiry either by calling us on Mobile: 07711 852 208 alternatively Telephone: 01328 838 810 or  by email by  completing the form.

Postal Address:
47 Chancery Row, Rougham, Norfolk PE32 2SE

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